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I have experience of working in a variety of clinical settings ranging from ward and out-patient physiotherapy, in General Hospitals, to Community NHS placements and Private Clinics. 

Since qualifying I have worked in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Australia (NSW) and Essex. 

Post Graduate Training: -

I have attended many post-graduate courses relating to the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders. Some of them include:-

Acupuncture (A.A.C.P. 1999, 2002, '05, '07, '08, '10,  and 2014)

Explain Pain (David Butler, NOI. 2013)

Kinesio-taping (Kinesio UK, 2010)

The Sporting Hip and Groin (James Moore/ Mark Young, 2009)

Mulligan's Mobilisations with Movement (Linda Exelby 2009)

Classification and Management of Shoulder Instability (Anju Jaggi 2008)

DMA Clinical Pilates mat-work (2008)

Therapeutic LASER training ( Omega LASER Systems Limited, 2002)

and many, many more....