UK opening hours


Covid-19 is an illness first discovered in 2019 and caused by a respiratory coronavirus. In response to the COVID- 19 pandemic, when the clinic re-opened in June 2020,  I implemented a number of changes to ensure the Health and Safety of new and existing clients. 

I offer Physiotherapy treatment in a variety of formats, including Virtual Consultations, Telephone Advice, and Face-to-Face Consultations. 

With reference to Public Health Eng​land, the UK Government and C.S.P. recommendations (and changing guidance), I am continuing to implement the following infection control procedures:-

  • Sanitising clinic surfaces, equipment, handrails and handles before, and after, each client appointment.
  • Wearing a disposable, medical grade surgical mask during clinic sessions (although this is no longer mandatory in Healthcare settings in England).
  • Risk assessing for the need to wear disposable nitrile gloves and a disposable plastic apron when treating,
  • A telephone pre- assessment, for all new episodes of physiotherapy care, to enable a thorough understanding of the client's symptoms and medical history, and to assess for medical vulnerabilities, prior to booking face-to-face consultations.

I  ask clients to comply with a number of  measures, to maximise every-ones safety and for infection control. These include:

  • Limiting face-to-face appointments up to 45 minutes.
  • Sending a text-message reminder to clients, 24-48 hours prior to their clinic appointment, to check for any changes in health. Any client who feels unwell, or demonstrates any cold-like symptoms will be asked to contact me to post-pone their appointment; no late cancellation fee will be incurred.
  • Asking clients to bring drinking water to their appointment, to maintain hydration following their treatment.
  •  If you are medically vulnerable, and at high risk of getting seriously ill with Covid-19, please wear a face mask, covering your nose and mouth, for the duration of your consultation. This applies to you if you have a medical condition listed on the NHS website (see below), if you are pregnant, or you have not been vaccinated. Please note that risk also increases with increasing age. Masks are available to purchase at the clinic for a fee of £1. 
  • I ask Clients to wash their hands with soap and water on entering and leaving the clinic.

The NHS web-site informs us that the people who are at higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19 include:-

  • Older people.
  • Ladies who are pregnant.
  • People with a weakened immune system due to a medical treatment (e.g. steroid medicine, biological therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy).
  • People with Down's Syndrome.
  • People with Sickle cell disease.
  • Certain blood disorders.
  • Chronic Kidney disease (stage 4 or 5.
  • Severe liver disease.
  • People who have had an organ or bone marrow transplant.
  • Certain auto-immune or inflammatory conditions e.g. Rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease.
  • HIV or AIDs and have a weakened immune system.
  • A condition affecting your immune system.
  • Rare conditions affecting your brain or nervous system e.g. multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Huntington's disease or myasthenia gravis.
  • People with severe problems affecting their nervous system, such as cerebral palsy.
  • Severe or multiple learning disabilities.
  • Those who have no immunity through prior infection and are unvaccinated.

I would like to thank every-body for their kindness and consideration, helping to make these positive changes.