UK opening hours


In response to the recent COVID- 19 pandemic, I have implemented a number of changes to ensure the Health and Safety of new and existing clients. 

I can provide Physiotherapy treatment in a variety of formats including Virtual Consultations, telephone advice, and Face-to-Face Consultations. I have introduced a screening questionnaire, at the time of appointment booking, to assess clients for any medical vulnerability to Covid-19, and current health status.

With reference to Public Health England, the UK Government and C.S.P. recommendations, I conduct a thorough  sanitisation of the physiotherapy clinic room, and other areas used by clients, both prior to their arrival, and on departure. To reduce the risks of infection, I have removed all soft furnishings from the clinic room and use plastic containers to store the majority of my equipment. For the duration of client attendance I will wear appropriate P.P.E., including plastic Visor, and disposable medical grade surgical face mask, plastic apron and gloves..

I  ask clients to comply with a number of new measures, to maximise every-ones safety and for infection control. These include:

  • Limiting all face-to-face appointments to 30 minutes in duration.
  • All clients will receive a temperature check using a non-contact thermometer, when they arrive for their appointment. If a clients' temperature reading exceeds 37.6 degrees Celsius they will be asked to postpone their appointment.
  • A telephone pre- assessment, for all new episodes of physiotherapy care, to enable a thorough understanding of the client's symptoms and medical history, prior to their clinic appointment.
  • Sending a text-message reminder to clients, 24 hours prior to their clinic appointment, to check for any changes in their health. Any client who feels unwell, or demonstrates any cold-like symptoms will be asked to contact me to post-pone their appointment; no late cancellation fee will be incurred.
  • I ask clients to bring with them, to every appointment an empty bag , to place their clothes in and drinking water, to maintain hydration following their treatment.
  • Clients must wear a covering over their nose and mouth throughout their physiotherapy consultation.
  • I ask Clients to wash their hands with soap and water on entering and leaving the clinic.
  • Sending exercise plans and advice electronically.
  • Payment to be made by Bankers Cheque or Direct Bank Transfer within 48 hours of treatment.

I would like to thank every-body for their kindness and consideration, helping to make these positive changes.